May 2, 2021

Garry Kasparov IQ 2021

Garry Kasparov IQ

Garry Kasparov IQ

Garry Kasparov IQ | Super Computer Deep Blue Vs Garry Kasparov

IQ of Garry Kasparov | Super Computer Deep Blue Vs Garry Kasparov

People consider Garry Kasparov is the best chess player in the world. In fact, he has been included in the list of the top 30 smartest people in the world by a US organization called ‘super scholar’.

Now the question is what is the IQ of Garry Kasparov? Is Kasparov a true genius, or just a chess expert?

What Is Sir Garry Kasparov Recognized For?

Sir Garry Kasparov was born in SSR, (Azerbaijan) the Soviet Union to a Russian Jewish father and an Armenian mom. He began to point out curiosity for chess at a really younger age, and by the age of twenty-two.

He defeated then-champion Anatoly Karpov to grow to be the youngest undisputed World Chess Champion.

As a youngster, he entered and gained many chess tournaments, and he even certified for the Soviet Chess Championship when he was simply 15 years previous, making him the youngest participant to enter the championship at that degree.

He rose rapidly by means of the ranks by successful high-class tournaments and in 1980 he certified as a grandmaster.

Though he’s generally known as the world’s biggest chess participant of all time, he determined to retire from chess in 2005 to grow to be an author and political activist.

He’s now chairman for the Human Rights Basis, lives in New York Metropolis, and travels worldwide.

Garry Kasparov Recognized

Garry Kasparov IQ | Super Computer Deep Blue Vs Garry Kasparov

What Is Garry Kasparov’s Intelligence Quotient?

Gary Kasparov’s IQ correct score of 135 was found during a legal test conducted by a German magazine named Der Spiegel in 1997, However, many sources have stated their IQ score 180–190, which is only an estimated and not a real test value.

He actually scored 135 during a special IQ test conducted in 1987–88. This experiment is a wide range of tests designed to test their memory, abstract test, reasoning, and spatial strength.

When we talk about Gary Kasparov’s IQ, it is clear that he is a very talented and amazingly smart person. But he has never held the record for the highest IQ score to date.

A Real Test Of Gary Kasparov IQ By German Magazine (1987):

This article provides real results about Garry Kasparov IQ.

Many people make some crazy claims about their IQ, needless to say, but Garry Kasparov Sir’s name is also included in this list.

But many of those who claim his IQ may not know that Sir Garry Kasparov underwent a 3-day real IQ and general intelligence test. In the year 1987–88, Der Spiegel, a veteran German magazine, spent considerable effort and money to find out the correct IQ score of Gary Kasparov.

Kasparov was tested under the supervision of a special international team of experienced psychologists, which resulted in Garry Kasparov was extremely talented in some areas, including his fast reading and excellent comprehension, general memory power, very fast arithmetic calculations, but slightly lower levels of thinking on picture-based questions, while in some cases He was unable to guess.

The topics on which he was found incapable had actually trained his mind in such a way that in the face of uncertainty, he does not like to do that work impulsively.

Test Of Gary Kasparov IQ By German Magazine

Garry Kasparov IQ | Super Computer Deep Blue Vs Garry Kasparov

Tweet Of Garry Kasparov on His intelligence quotient:

Sir Garry Kasparov tweeted last year (01-April-2020) on fool’s day while making fun of his IQ, which is as follows., “I may not have the IQ that random internet pages credit me with, but I’m not stupid enough to beat Arnold!” This tweet reflects his inner childhood, along with his witty style and cheerful attitude that set him apart from others.

Compare Your IQ With Garry Kasparov:

If you want to compare your IQ with the world chess champion the great Garry Kasparov, then apply the following test to yourself.

In this test, you have to solve the 10 questions given below. These tests are based on the examination given by Garry Kasparov.

1. Which of the following single words is odd?
Whale, shark, Salmon, trout, pike

2. Enter the following two unknown numbers in the following series:
6,9,18,21,42,45, ??, ??

3. Which one word is odd in these 5 words?
Hermes, Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Saturn.

4. Choose a specific word to complete this sentence:
Hearing is like seeing as acoustics ????????

5. State a number that comes at the end of the given series:
3,5,8,13,22, ??

6. Which one word is the most different among these words?
Aristotle, Brahms, Stravinsky, Haydn, Mahler.

7. Which one word is odd in these given words?
Cairo, Bombay, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Paris, Washington, Oslo.

8. Which one of the given numbers is odd?

9. Identify the following letters in the given letter series:
B, E,;, Q, Z

10. Identify a number that comes in the last in the second series:
4, 6, 9, 13
7, 10, 15, ??

The solution to this IQ test is following–

My purpose in making this post especially is that you can know the estimated and real value of Sir Garry Kasparov IQ.

1. Whale. (Because of these five creatures, only the whale is the only mammal.)

2. 90, 93. (In turn, the number first increases to 3 and then doubles.)

3. Hermes. (Because all the rest are planets in our solar system.)

4. Optics. (Because way acoustics is the science of sound, similarly, the science of light is optics.)

5. 39. (because each subsequent number is obtained by doubling the number preceding it and then subtracting a number that increases one each time (eg 3×2−1 = 5; 5×2−2 = 8; 8×2−3 = 13: 13×2−4=22 & 22×2−5=39.).

6. Aristotle. (Because everyone else is a musician.)

7. Rio de Janeiro. (Because only Rio is located in the Southern Hemisphere, while the rest are located in the Northern Hemisphere.)

8. 197. (Because all other numbers remaining are perfect squares.)

9. J. (Because if the letters are replaced by their position in the alphabet, we get the sequence 2, 5, 10, 17, 26. Each of these letter numbers is a square number with plus one.)

10. 22. (Because every subsequent number in the upper row is formed by adding 2, 3, and 4 respectively to the preceding number. Similarly, adding 3, 5, and 7 to the lower row makes the subsequent numbers.)

Now check your IQ score with the help of the following chart:

Score Points;                   1    2     3    4     5     6     7     8     9   10

IQ score rating:              82  90  98 106 115 124 133 142 151 160

The average person’s score in this result is 100, while those who score 130 are considered to be in the genius category. Kasparov took an exam similar to this test and earned an IQ score of 135.
I got my 6 answers are correct, so my IQ score for this test is 124.😊

Garry Kasparov Vs 32 Micros Hamburg Computers (1985):

Garry Kasparov Vs 32 Micros Hamburg Computers (1985)

Garry Kasparov IQ | Super Computer Deep Blue Vs Garry Kasparov

The Great Garry Kasparov Vs The Machine On 06 June 1985 in Hamburg City. Gary Kasparov got a unique opportunity to compete against the 32 best chess-playing machines in the world, ie computers named Hamburg.

Kasparov won all 32 games with 32 different best computers simultaneously and got a perfect 32–0 score, surprising the people.

IBM Super Computer (Deep Blue)  Vs Garry Kasparov:

In 1985, exactly 11 years after defeating 32 computers simultaneously, in 1996, he was confronted with the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue.

Garry Kasparov IQ | Super Computer Deep Blue Vs Garry Kasparov | Thanks Flickr

Deep Blue  Vs Garry Kasparov In 1996:

A six-game tournament was held between chess legend Sir Garry Kasparov and IBM supercomputer Deep Blue. Its first game was played on February 10, 1996, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Although the supercomputer Deep Blue was able to evaluate 100 million different moves and positions of chess per second, IBM’s super team was still unsure how this supercomputer would perform in this chess competition. And will it beat Kasparov or not?

World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov lost his first match against Supercomputer Deep Blue. This was the first incident by a machine to defeat a world champion and together it was the first defeat of Garry Kasparov by a machine.

However, Kasparov quickly returned to the game and won the second game. The third and fourth games ended in a draw with the consent of both.

Kasparov also won his fifth game. On 17 February 1996, the sixth and final match of this tournament was also won by the great Garry Kasparov.

Thus the supercomputer Deep Blue was conquered by a human in a chess game and Kasparov won the tournament with a final score of 4–2.

                                 The 1996 Match

Game    White  Black Result     Comment
1 Deep Blue     Kasparov 1–0 Deep Blue Won.
2 Kasparov Deep Blue 1–0 Kasparov Won.
3 Deep Blue Kasparov ½–½ Match Draw by mutual agreement
4 Kasparov Deep Blue ½–½ Match Draw by mutual agreement
5 Deep Blue Kasparov   0–1 Garry offered a draw after the 23rd move.

(But Kasparov Won)

6 Kasparov Deep Blue 1–0 Kasparov Won.
Result: Kasparov–Deep Blue: 4–2                 (Kasparov won the Tournament.)


Garry Kasparov IQ 2021| Super Computer Deep Blue ⁄ Kasparov

Deep Blue  Vs Garry Kasparov In 1997:

The Deep Blue defeat by Kasparov in 1996 led to the IBM Super Team working on it for a year and making it even more advanced, faster, and powerful than before. It was now able to examine per second 200 million different chess moves and situations.

Once again a 6-game remake between Man and Machine was proposed, and on May 3, 1997, the first match of the tournament was played.

Gary Kasparov won the first match while Deep Blue won the second. The third, fourth, and fifth matches were drawn. On 11 May 1997, Deep Blue won the final sixth game, winning the championship by 3.5 – 2.5.

This victory was huge publicity for the IBM company. While Kasparov also alleged that Deep Blue receives humanitarian assistance during the Games, which IBM denied.

Kasparov later demanded a rematch from IBM, but instead, IBM retired Deep Blue.

                                  The 1997 Rematch

Game    White Black Result       Comment
1 Kasparov Deep Blue 1–0 Kasparov Won
2 Deep Blue      Kasparov 1–0 Deep Blue Won
3 Kasparov Deep Blue ½–½ Match Draw by mutual agreement
4 Deep Blue Kasparov ½–½ Match Draw by mutual agreement
5 Kasparov Deep Blue ½–½ Match Draw by mutual agreement
6 Deep Blue Kasparov 1–0 Deep Blue Won
Result: Deep Blue–Kasparov: 3½–2½           (Deep Blue won the Tournament.) 

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