December 21, 2021

World Chess Championship 2021

World Chess Championship 2021

World Chess Championship 2021 was held between defending world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi to determine the next world chess champion. Magnus Carlsen has once again been successful in winning the World Chess Champion title. This is Carlsen’s fifth consecutive world title.

World Chess Championship 2021

Fide World Chess Championship 2021

The International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation is known by the term FIDE. The French full form of the word FIDE is Fédération Internationale des Échecs.

It is an international organization that links the national chess federations of different countries. Its headquarter are located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and serves as the governing body for all international chess competitions.

Fide World Chess Championship 2021

World Chess Championship Set

The World Championship was held in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 24 November 2021 to 10 December 2021. The closing ceremony of this tournament was on 12 December.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

World Chess Championship 2021 Schedule

Only 11 matches were played in this championship. A total of 14 matches were to be played in this tournament, and the tiebreak was scheduled for 15 December. however, this was not required, the amazing brainpower of Magnus Carlsen ended it 3 matches before.

world chess championship 2021 schedule

World Chess Championship 2021 Date Sheet

All matches in the tournament started at 16:30 Dubai Local Time (GST), which is 12:30 UTC. On the day of the Opening Ceremony (Wednesday, 24 November) the player playing with white pieces was selected for the first game, giving Nepomniachtchi the opportunity to play with the white piece in the first game. In subsequent games, the colors of the pieces are changed alternately between the two players.

World chess championship 2021 list of events-

Wednesday, 24 NovemberOpening ceremony
Thursday, 25 NovemberMedia day
Friday, 26 NovemberGame 1
Saturday, 27 NovemberGame 2
Sunday, 28 NovemberGame 3
Monday, 29 NovemberRest day
Tuesday, 30 NovemberGame 4
Wednesday, 1 DecemberGame 5
Thursday, 2 DecemberRest day
Friday, 3 DecemberGame 6
Saturday, 4 DecemberGame 7
Sunday, 5 DecemberGame 8
Monday, 6 DecemberRest day
Tuesday, 7 DecemberGame 9
Wednesday, 8 DecemberGame 10
Thursday, 9 DecemberRest day
Friday, 10 DecemberGame 11
Sunday, 12 DecemberClosing ceremony

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Candidates Tournament

Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi, who won an eight-player double-round robin tournament  2020-21 in Yekaterinburg city of  Russia, qualified himself to play in the World Chess Championship against Magnus Carlsen.

The tournament was originally scheduled for the middle of the year 2020 from 15 March to 5 April, but due to the covid pandemic, the tournament was halted at the halfway point on 26 March 2020. The second half of this tournament was played from 19 April to 27 April 2021, also in Yekaterinburg.

Candidates Tournament 2022

Ian Nepomniachtchi lost the World Chess Championship 2021 but has pre-qualified for next year’s 2022 Candidates Tournament as runner-up and can challenge Carlsen once again.

The names of the players who pre-qualified for the eight-player round-robin tournament for the selection of challengers for the next World Chess Championship 2023 are Ian Nepomniachtchi, Firouzja, and Carlson’s former challengers Caruana and Karjakin.

Longest Game In The History

The first 5 games of this tournament were drawn. Carlsen won Game 6 and the match lasted 8 hours, making it the longest game ever in the World Chess Championship with 136 moves.

Game 7 once again ended in a draw. Carlsen won three of the next four games, while one game was drawn again and his rival Napo reclaimed his title of World Champion with three games to spare.

The first 5 matches of this tournament were drawn. Carlsen won Game 6 and the match lasted 8 hours, making it the longest game ever in the history of the World Chess Championship with 136 moves.

Tournament Ended Before Time

When the 11th match of this 14-round World Chess Championship started on Friday 10 December 2021, Magnus Carlsen needed only 1 point to win the title of World Champion. There was a need to score at least half a point to a level so that at least the match was decided in the tie-break but it was only a formality, as everything was going to be decided today.

Carlsen won this match by scoring 7.5 points and won the world title in the 11th round itself. Magnus Carlsen once again retained his title. He did not lose a single game in this tournament. Carlsen won four games and had seven draws.

Magnus Carlsen Vs Ian Nepomniachtchi

5 Times Baby

Magnus Carlsen became the world champion once again. He has also equaled Viswanathan Anand’s record of winning the chess world title five times. Magnus Carlsen continues to be the world champion since Viswanathan Anand. He was the previous world champion before Magnus Carlsen, who also won the World Chess title five times.

5 Times Baby

Carlsen has won the world title five times. Will Carlsen win his 6th world title in the coming times or will his world title win be stopped, the future will tell.

World Chess Championship 2021 Results

In this world championship, Magnus defeated Grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia by a huge margin of 7:5 3:5 to achieve his biggest victory in the world so far. Russian Grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi could not win a game in 11 rounds of matches, earning his 3.5 points from only 7 draws. On the other hand, Magnus Carlsen also won 4 games.

World Chess Championship 2021 Results

World Chess Championship 2021 Prize Money

The total prize money for this championship was 2 million euros (€). The winning player was awarded 60% of the prize money i.e. €1.2 million and the runner-up 40% i.e. €0.8 million. If in any case, the result was a tie after 14 classical games, 55% of the total prize money was fixed to be awarded to the tiebreak winner and 45% to the runner-up.

world chess championship 2021 prize money

As per regulation, Carlsen, who won the title of world chess champion received €1.2 million (euros) of prize money, While Nepomniachtchi who finished runner-up took home €0.8 million.

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