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Alexandra Botez Bio

Alexandra Botez Bio

Alexandra Botez Bio>>>

Her full name is “Alexandra Valeria Botez”. She is an American-Canadian female chess player of Romanian descent. Alexandra is also affectionately addressed by the nickname Alex. She was born on 24 September 1995 in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Alexandra Botez Chess

Disclaimer: All the images used in this article are taken from the official Instagram & Facebook accounts of Alexandra Botez. Thank you.

Alexandra has made her mark as a dangerous and fast chess player. Apart from being a great commentator, she is also a popular Twitch streamer and famous YouTuber.

Due to starting to play chess at the age of 6, Alexandra Botez has been compared to Beth Harmon, the main character of the Netflix drama miniseries mega-hit “The Queen’s Gambit,” a fictional character from a novel by Walter Tevis.

Alexandra took part in her first national chess championship when she was just eight years old and finished first. She holds the distinction of becoming a five-time Canadian National Girls’ chess champion and also won the U.S. Girls’ National title at the age of 15.

Many women have proved themselves to be strong chess players in both competition and training—one notable example being Alexandra Botez.

She openly appealed to people to end sexism in chess and called on the chess world to accept more gender diversity.

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Alexandra Botez Quick Info


Alexandra Botez

Full Name

Alexandra Valeria Botez

Nick Names



Andrea Botez (Only Younger Sister)

Father’s Name

Andrei Botez (FIDE Arbiter)

Mother’s Name


Birth Place

Dallas, Texas, United States.

Home Town

New York City, United States

Date Of Birth

24 September 1995


26 years old

Marital Status


Current Relationship Status


Ex. Boyfriend

G.M Eric Hansen


American – Canadian







Famous For

Awesome Chess Skill


Chess Player
Twitch Streamer

Personality Type


Zodiac Sign





5’4" (5 feet, 4 Inch)

Skin Color

Fair White

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown


Graduation (International relations)

High School

Missionary School of U.S in Oregon state.



Chess Scholarship

University of Texas Dallas.

Name of College

Stanford University

Active from



Best Chess Streamer Award.


100-110 (Estimated)


Co-founder of CrowdAmp company &

Envy Gaming Ambassador.


Board of directors of the Susan Polgar Foundation.

Social Media

Twitch , YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Source Of Incomes

Brand Promotion

Monthly Income

$50K -60K Per Month





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Alexandra Botez Biography

In this section of Alexandra Botez Bio, we will talk about her early life, childhood, Adolescence, and Youth. Her passion for chess has allowed her to defy common stereotypes—the one that girls can’t play well and another: kids who do well in school aren’t creative. She is on top of both.

Alexandra said I was always told that you have to choose between being smart or good at sports. She said you should not think about choosing one of these because you may be good at both. Alexandra hopes others will follow her lead by challenging themselves with new activities, especially if they are considered outside their comfort zone.

Early life

Even before the birth of Alexandra, her parents had left the Socialist Republic of Romania for some reason. This great chess player was born in Dallas, Texas, yet her parents chose Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to raise her. Her father, who introduced Alexandra Botez to the world of chess, started her training at just six.


There is an interesting story behind Alexandra’s learning of chess. Botez’s father was a chess lover, so he once made a bet with his wife that he could train little Alexandra in two weeks to the point that she would beat him.

Alex Childhood

In these two weeks, just six years old, Botez’s talent shone through, and she proved her father’s claim of victory over her mother to be true. Seeing this, her father set several goals to train her more, upon achieving which he would give her chocolates as a reward.

Now Alexandra’s fascination for chess had increased, so her father used to take her to the park, where she would get a chance to play with other chess enthusiasts. But this tactic did not work for long, as the chess lovers present in the park expressed their reluctance to play with this little girl.

Eventually, her father gave Alexandra membership in a chess club called Golden Knights in Romania, where chess master Valer Eugen Demian taught Alexandra Botez.

Alexandra Botez Chess

Alexandra started her chess career very young, at age 6, when her father challenged her to beat her mother at chess. She is the eldest child of her parents. In 2004, she won her first Canadian National Children’s Championship at just 8.

Alexandra Botez became one of Canada’s most promising junior players but soon realized that being one of Canada’s top female players wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to be one of Canada’s top players. With this thought, she started challenging the boys and, as a result, started beating them up!


In 2010 at the age of 15, Alexandra Botez represented the national Canadian chess team, played several tournaments, and won four more Canadian youth national titles. Thus she won five Women’s National Champion Awards for the Canadian national team, including a child award.

Alexandra Botez Biography

After returning to the United States from Canada at the age of 15, Alexandra Botez surprised everyone with her abilities by winning the U.S. Girls National Championship. Additionally, she made her strong presence in U.S. Chess by representing Oregon State twice in the SPF Girls Invitational Tournament.

It may seem strange for someone to make such a big move from her home country of Canada to America just for chess, but Alexandra made it for two reasons: education and competition. These elements were available in much higher quantities in American schools than in Canadian ones.

Alexandra knew that if she wanted to be competitive on an international level, there was no better place to be than in America.


Alexandra isn’t just good at chess, and she’s great at chess. In 2013 at the age of 18, Alexandra Botez earned the Woman FIDE Master Norm based on her strong performance.

42th Chess Olympiad

According to her, people often wonder and ask me how you wash off men older and more experienced than you so quickly! She doesn’t see why anyone would be surprised by that. Doesn’t it matter what your gender is? If you want to do something great, you have to work hard, then only you will be able to achieve it!

Alexandra Botez Family

This section of Alexandra Botez Bio will talk about her family. Her parents, from Romania, left the communist regime and sought refuge in Canada. Her father, Andrei Botez, was a former coach and an International chess Arbiter. FIDE gives this title to those capable of acting as judges during important chess tournaments.

Alexandra’s mother’s name is not readily available from credible online sources, But she plays good domestic chess and is a great housewife.

Alexandra Botez grandmother

Alexandra Botez Sister

Alexandra Botez’s younger sister’s full name is Andrea Cecilia Cristina Botez, affectionately called Andrea Botez. Andrea was born on Apr 6, 2002, in Canada, and she is six years, six months, and 11 days younger than her elder sister.

She is a FIDE-rated player and achieved her peak FIDE Classic rating of 1773 in 2018. Both sisters live-stream her games and unique content on several gaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Alexandra Botez Sister

Alexandra Botez Education

In this section of Alexandra Botez Bio, we will talk about her Education. Alexandra Botez completed high school at a school located in Oregon state, Northwest of the U.S. After completing schooling, Botez earned a full chess education scholarship to the University of Texas Dallas.

She chose Stanford University for graduation and graduated in 2017 with perfect marks. Here she began the study of international relations, focusing on China. For her, it was not a complicated subject at all.

Alexandra Botez Education

In 2014, when she was in her second year of graduation, Alexandra Botez had the distinction of becoming the second female president of her Stanford University chess club.

Rating and Ranking

Alexandra’s standard chess FIDE Elo and Blitz ratings as of April 2022 are 2020 and 2059, respectively. Her peak rating is 2092, which she achieved in September 2016. Due to this achievement, she is included in the top 10 list of Canadian female chess players.


Apart from the successful chess career of Alexandra Botez, people also liked her as an attractive and famous chess commentator. She covered the 2018 and 2019 seasons of the PRO Chess League as a successful commentator.

Pro Chess League is an international platform for the promotion of chess by organizing online rapid chess tournaments. The 2019 edition of this league featured 32 teams worldwide, including Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, and many more!

Alexandra did tremendous commentary in this league, IM Anna Rudolf, IM Daniel Rensch, and GM Robert Hess. This commentator team became very popular.

Anna Rudolf with Alex

Alexandra Botez Social Networks

In this section of Alexandra Botez Bio, we will talk about her involvement in Social Networks. Alexandra Botez is also popular on social networks.

Both the Botez sisters try to make chess more popular among the youth. To promote this cause, they successfully operate a Twitch channel and two YouTube channels. These two Botez sisters are known as the queens of chess.

Social Networks

User Name/Link

Subscribers / Followers  

YouTube Channel 1


YouTube Channel 2













Twitch Information

In 2016, Botez started a Twitch channel called BotezLive on the Twitch platform during her graduation from Stanford University, in which she began live-streaming chess content. The platform overgrew because Botez’s style of chess analysis was fabulous and unique.

In 2020 her younger sister Andrea Botez joined her in the live streaming. Now she jointly and successfully runs the BotezLive Twitch channel.

The BotezLive Twitch channel currently has 1,025,190 followers as of April 2022. The Botez sisters make commendable contributions to chess analysis on this channel and other chess streamers such as Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, Women’s Grandmaster Qiyu Zhou, etc.

YouTube information

Alexandra Botez currently has two YouTube channels which she runs along with her younger sister Andrea Botez. With the tremendous popularity of the Botez sisters, we can expect these channels to touch the magic number of 1 million subscribers very soon.

Alexandra Botez YouTube

1. First YouTube Channel: BotezLive is the main YouTube channel of the Botez sisters. Alexandra started it on Apr 8, 2018. It has 784K subscribers and more than 143.7M views as of April 2022.

2. Second YouTube Channel: BotezLive Clips is the second YouTube channel of the Botez sisters. Both of them started it on Apr 23, 2021. It has 59.2K subscribers and more than 38.7M views as of April 2022.

Chess.com Streaming

Botez’s streaming style brought her worldwide popularity, giving her an excellent opportunity for streaming on the Chess.com platform. She has emerged as one of the most recognizable faces in chess today due to her live streaming on several social media platforms.

Instagram Information

The username of Alexandra Botez’s Instagram account is missbotez. She shares pictures and videos on this platform with 536k followers.

Twitter Information

The username of Alexandra Botez’s Twitter handle is @alexandravbotez. He joined this platform in January 2017. It is clear from 368.7K Followers that people like her very much.

Facebook Information

The username of Alexandra Botez’s Facebook account is botezchess. More than 65,000 Facebook likes must have inspired her to do better. She has shared a lot of videos and pictures on this platform.

Subreddit Information

The username of Alexandra Botez’s subreddit account is BotezLive which has 1.0k Members. People also up their game on this platform with videos posted by the Botez sisters.

Alexandra Botez Professional Activities

In this section of Alexandra Botez Bio, we will talk about her Professional Activities. Both the Botez sisters are very excited by their fame and popularity. As a result, they are working hard day by day to improve it further. Impressed by this, many companies are planning to contract with them.

Botez Private Company

In 2017, Alexandra Botez co-founded a social media company called CrowdAmp with Ruben Mayer-Hirshfeld. Through this social media platform, you can send text messages to your favorite stars and get personalized replies from them.

This application uses NLP technology to exchange text. For some reason, this company stopped operating its services in May 2019.

Envy Gaming Ambassador Network

According to Envy Gaming’s Chief Content Officer, Andrew Peterman, “The Botez sisters are the funniest chess makers right now and have been a major part of popularizing the game on Twitch.”

Envy Gaming Ambassador

Envy Gaming announced the launch of a new Content Creator Network and Ambassador program in December 2020. It is an old and legendary esports organization from Texas.

As part of this program, the company signed contracts with the Botez sisters to expand its ambassador network through Envy with various gaming content creators.

Alexandra Botez Charity

This section of Alexandra Botez Bio will talk about her Charity. In April 2020, Alexandra Botez was given a significant and unique responsibility to improve the field of chess for girls and underprivileged children. For this, she was unanimously elected to the board of directors of the Susan Polgar Foundation.

It is a non-profit organization working continuously for the last 18 years to create awareness among people to break the gender barriers in chess. This organization has helped more than $ 6 million in the form of chess scholarships to economically disadvantaged children.

Alexandra Botez  Playing Style

In this section of Alexandra Botez Bio, we will talk about her Playing Style of chess. Alexandra Botez always imparts a style of aggression to her game. In response to her notoriety as a chess player, Botez is often compared by the mainstream media to the fictional Beth Harmon, the protagonist of The Queen’s Gambit.

The 2016 Chess Olympiad in Norway is a direct example of her style of play, in which Alexandra surprised everyone with her aggressive style of play against rival Anzel Solomons.

Playing with white pieces, Alexandra offered to exchange her Rook for the Knight of Solomons on her 20th move, which she accepted. This exchange turns out to be a tactical error for the Solomons, resulting in the game favoring Botez.

Playing with black pieces, she prefers to adopt the King’s Indian defense, which allows White to move the d and c pawns to the center of the board.

The “Botez Gambit” is not a gambit in chess. This is just a famous and funny chess meme created by the Botez sisters. In this gambit, the player accidentally loses his queen without any compensation. The Botez sisters use it to prank themselves during live streaming.

Sexism In Chess

In this section of Alexandra Botez Bio, we will talk about her fight against Sexism In Chess. In many of her interviews, Alexandra Botez has openly discussed that she has faced several incidents of sexism during her chess career. As a child, people used to turn down my offer to play chess just because I was a girl.

Men have dominated competitive chess since ancient times. Even today, the number of male grandmasters is far greater than that of female grandmasters.

Botez said that women have begun to change the stereotype that women are genetically inferior to men in playing chess over the past few decades.

The drama “The Queen’s Gambit,” released on the Netflix platform, clearly depicts the struggle of a female chess player. Botez claims that the show dispels the misconception that women cannot play like men in the game of chess.

Alexandra Botez Biography

Along with this, she also appreciated the struggle of Beth Harmon, the actress in this show. She said that the show throws light on the many problems and realities of a female chess player’s struggle.

Botez told reporters that by 1986, female Grandmaster Susan Polgar had been subjected to sexism, which resulted in her being barred from playing in the World Championship.

Influence Of Women In Chess

The chess world has witnessed many historical moments where champions such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov have become household names. He is remembered even after his playing days are over and will be remembered for a long time.

Women players have increased their share in chess over the years. Now they rarely feel inferior in public to their male counterparts. For example, Judit Polgar, Hou Yifan, and Nazi Paikidze have reached this position as they have achieved among the best female players in their careers.

Influence Of Botez On Chess

Although chess has long been recognized as one of the most intellectually demanding and complex games globally, many people still believe that it’s a game only for men, who are supposedly better than women at high-level strategic thinking and problem-solving.

She completed her study in Texas, USA. Botez has represented the United States and Canada internationally. Botez gained great fame for his chess skills. She became the national champion for girls for many years in her country.

Alexandra also won the United States Women’s National Chess Championship three times, her first win at age 15. She has represented America and Canada on the international stage. In addition, Alexandra Botez has won the Canadian Women’s National Champion title five times.

Alexandra Botez


Alexandra Botez has been a role model for girls who want to compete in chess. She taught herself how to play, learned from books and videos, and with hard work and practice, she excelled at it. There’s no reason you can’t do that too! Alexandra spends about 8 hours every day playing or thinking about chess.

This hard work ethic will show you how valuable hard work can be. Alexandra says, If I had given up after my first tournament loss, I would have never achieved what I have today. So keep working on your game, and don’t give up! You could be just like Alexandra one day!

FAQs | Alexandra Botez Bio

Q 1. Is Alexandra Botez in a relationship?

ANS: According to Reddit users, the Chess team and Twitch streaming streamers Eric Hansen and Alexandra Botez had a great couple before their split. They were in a relationship for a long time, and Botez was also able to propose to Hansen to marry her during their live stream.

Q 2. Is Alexandra Botez a GM?

ANS: Alexandra Botez is not currently a GM, with her current FIDE rating set for 2020 in January 2021. She currently holds Woman FIDE Master (WFM), which she received in 2013 and was presented title by FIDE.

Q 3. How good is Alexandra Botez at chess?

ANS: In March 2016, her highest FIDE Elo rating was 2092 points. Botez’s Chess.com Blitz rating reached 2059 in May 2020, and Botez’s Chess.com Bullet rating reached 2164 in 2020.

Q 4. . Who is better Alexandra Botez or Andrea Botez? or
Who is better at chess Andrea or Alexandra?

ANS: Andrea is an A-class mid-level player. Alexandra is an expert mid-level. Alexandra has been rated an expert player with a current USCF rating of 2062, and Andrea is a level “A” level player with an active USCF rating of 1933. Expert is one level lower than the master, and class A falls one step below.

Q 5. Who are the Botez sisters?

ANS: Botez started streaming online chess content in 2016 as studying at Stanford University. She was paired with her younger sibling Andrea Botez, and she now is the director of her own BotezLive Twitch and YouTube channels with more than 170,000 followers.

Q 6. Who is Andrea Botez sister?

ANS: Andrea Botez has a real sister named Alexandra Botez, who is 6 years and 6 months older than her.

Power Questions

Q 7. Is Andrea Botez Romanian? or
Where are the Botez sisters from?

ANS: Botez is 25 and was raised in Dallas. Her parents are Romanian immigrants who left the country under communism. It is enough to surprise them that his father started teaching him to play chess at six.

Q 8. How old is the Botez twins?

ANS: According to her Twitter account, Andrea Botez’s birthday falls on April 6. Andrea Botez, the Twitch streaming streamer, first appeared in 2002. At the time of writing, Andrea Botez’s age is 20 years.

Q 9. Do the Botez sisters have ADHD?

ANS: Most popular Twitch chess streamer Andrea Botez revealed that both she and her older sister had ADHD tests on themselves during a Livestream.

The test results revealed that the BotezLive sister doesn’t have ADHD. She concluded, “I’m just an idiot, and I don’t have ADHD.

Q 10. Is Botez Spanish?

ANS: No, that’s not Spanish. Both the Botez sisters are American Canadians.

Q 11. How old is Botez?

ANS: She was born on September 24, 1995, in the United States. Based on this, her present age, i.e., as of April 2022, is 26 and 6 months.

Q 12. What nationality is Botez?

ANS: Alexandra’s parents were residents of the Socialist Republic of Romania. But she was born in Dallas, Texas, United States, yet her parents chose Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to raise her. That’s why Alexandra’s nationality is both the US and Canada.

Q 13. Who invented Botez gambit?

ANS: The term “Botez Gambit” was first used by viewers of the BotezLive channel. It was created with the concept following WFM. Alexandra Botez, the channel’s creator, was repeatedly caught cheating her queen over several streams. WFM Alexandra Botez, the creator of BotezLive.

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