The Lasker Trap

The Lasker Trap The Lasker Trap is a powerful trap derived from the Queen’s Gambit. This Trap comes exclusively from the Albin Counter-Gambit. The trap is named after Emanuel Lasker, who was the world chess champion for twenty-seven long years (1894-1921). The Lasker Trap is a very powerful and dangerous weapon for black players, who use […]

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Halosar Trap Chess 2021

Halosar Trap Chess Halosar Trap Chess is derived from the Blackmar–Diemer gambit (BDG). Blackmar Diemar Gambit is an aggressive opening, its most surprising line being that white sacrifices a pawn to develop his pieces. In the BDG, White starts the game on d4 in response to which Black plays d5. This is one of the […]

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Fishing Pole Trap In Chess 2021

Fishing Pole Trap In Chess 2021 Fishing Pole Trap In Chess belongs in Opening Trap in the Ruy Lopez chess opening. The Fishing Pole Trap stems from the Berlin Defense. This trap is among the hardest & very classical chess traps to not fall into. White has so many alternatives to hold himself and black […]

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