About Us

With great experience of teaching chess to about 1700 children of all ages in past more than 23 years (Since 1999), I can help you and your children to enter and enjoy the wonderful world of chess.

I would like to offer you chess lessons for groups of children as an extracurricular activity, for different grades. I also specialized in instructing chess to children with various learning difficulties. It was to the great joy and relief of them and their parents, that they succeeded, with my help, to overcome most of their disorders.

Usually, at the end of the semester, I organize a chess tournament for all chess students. In the past, all of my students took part in the tournaments with great joy and enthusiasm. I can also organize summer camps where children can, apart from chess, play football and learn the basis of playing soccer.

With reasonable rates and flexible hours, I would be able to lecture chess to classes from 2-14 students. Private lessons with individual students are also available. My references are available upon request. With the hope to help and teach children chess as an art beyond thinking, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Sameer Srivastava

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